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If I were to buy a UPS that has an output of 500watts and my computer tried to draw more then that. What would happen?
It would act just like it will three years later when the battery degrades. If it switches to battery power, it would simply shut off. It would power normally when it connects the load directly to AC mains.

A UPS has two modes of operation. Load connected directly to AC mains. Or load connected to battery.
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No brownout or power off causes hardware damage. No overloading of a UPS or computer power supply causes damage to the UPS, supply, or load. When something is overloaded, its voltage starts to drop. (Overloaded or defective supplies work normally in a computer and can be identified only using a volt meter). If the overloading increases, then electronics simply powers off.<o:p></o:p>
Only damage is to unsaved data. If data is not saved, then that unsaved damage is destroyed