First off system specs:

Intel Q8300 2.3 Ghz quad core

Ram: 1 GB Patriot 533 Mhz PC2-4200

Onboard video

thermaltake 430w

So the problem is, whenever i plug everything in, I get power to the PSU and the computer fan. I get power to my Optical drives (DVD/HDD) and *SOMETIMES* i get video output (on the monitor) but, whenever i try to enter bios or anything i cant #1 because the keyboard (tried ps/2 and usb) wont work... and in about 15-30 seconds after fans start up the whole system shuts down.

It is NOT shorting out.. tested out of case on cardboard...

It is not PSU... tried two different brands and replacements for each...

I think it's the RAM because little did i know.. my MOBO supports DDR2 533/667/800/1066 O.C. but only PC2-5300 OR PC2-6400 and the ram i have is only PC2-4200... so what ram should i get .. and is that the problem? it needs to be around 30$... I'm on a budget