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Thread: P55A - UD4 - Ram + overclock question

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    Default Re: P55A - UD4 - Ram + overclock question

    Thanks for the BIOS profiles tip, it's a bit faster to test new ideas now!

    I've found an absolutely top notch basic 4 gig oc that I'll share for anyone looking for one that has my gear, and I intend to use it 24/7 for standard computing + games due to it's complete reliability

    core - 20x
    Qpi - 32x
    Bclk - 200
    mem multi - 6.0
    memory enhancement 'extreme'
    ( no idea what this actually does but it scores a few more points on max-mem and does not seem to effect stability at all, so might as well. )

    timings on 'quick'


    LLC - on!!! - highly recommend this my pc is almost unusable over-clocked without it, don't know how other i5 set-ups are, but I think mine may be a bit of a power hog!

    Vcore - 1.350

    Qpi - 1.27

    Pch - 1.120

    Ram V - 1.660
    Ram T - 0.830

    been running this for a while now with no issues at all, completely stable in Benches, burntest, heaven, stone giant
    And games - Dirt 2 - Batman AA - Crysis, with not so much as a stutter anywhere so I think it's safe to say it's perfectly stable

    my impression of this motherboard so far is that it's top notch, apart from that little corrupted bios problem ( which was probably my fault anyway )
    it kicks the 'floating bananas' out of my old Asus one in every way!

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    Default Re: P55A - UD4 - Ram + overclock question

    Nice to see you enjoying the board!!

    Keep tweaking, you'll get to the max you wanna reach!

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