So I ended up buying an LG2050T LED monitor. Max res. 1600x900. I did a lot of research and reading of reviews. This just works for me, and fantastic at that.

I honestly don't think an LG 23" would of fit on my desk. This 20" wide is almost too big. The reason I went with the 20" over the 23" was future proofing. I enjoy playing games at max video settings. I do intend buying a GTX460 Talon Attack in the next week or so. That being said, most DX11 titles are quite demanding.

Over all my consensus is, Id prefer running a game at 1600x900 max video settings, then 1920x1080 with some things turned down.

Bad Company 2 now, maxed settings, DX10 and 16X AA and AF is amazing. LED is so sharp and just pops.

So anyone looking for a good 1600x900 gaming monitor. The LG E2050T is fantastic. One of the best monitor GUI's too! easy to navigate. Additionally, the dim blue of the touch buttons is a positive change from the blaring neon blue of previous LG monitor power lights.

:) Cheerz