Ok well if you hit reset it should give you the out of the box settings.

I mean I and probably some other 460 owners can hit 850 with standard fan profile which *on my card is 40% until temp hits 70C
My card isnt goin to hit over 900,well it might if fan was running at 100% all the time but thats another story..
Maybe its down to Db or sound volme.
700/900(3600) needs .987V(reference voltage)
800/990 needs 1.012V
810-840 needs 1.025V
850+ needs 1.037 and a fan profile
900/990 mem needs 1.05V and a fan profile wth fan at 70%+ all the time

anything above that I dont know .I can apply gpu voltage of 1.087V but my gx proably wouldnt get another 100mhz,besides even 900mhz is just too loud!!

Im just wondering how your settings are for different speeds.

My monitor for example is crappier than yours , but look at it another way: and if my speed is sufficient at 1680x1050 I would prefer to have the fan at 40% allways.