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Thread: Raid and XHD setup and delete on GA-P55A-UD7

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    Default Raid and XHD setup and delete on GA-P55A-UD7

    Building a GA-P55A-UD7 + latest Bios + i7875 +8Gb Corsair XMS3 + 60Gb SSD (C:) + 1Tb WD Black + IDE DVD + SATA DVD + Win7 Pro x64 Loaded Win from CD and latest drivers from Gigabyte web via USB stick. Got up and running OK with above kit, and great FAQs help from this Forum. Thanks! Problems started when I tried to add a pair of 2Tb Samsungs in a Raid 0 using XHD. Probably did it all wrong as I now think that XHD is to add a drive, when in fact I added both new drives at once. I imagined XHD would do the necessary format (as a different RAID utility did on another machine), but I guess I was wrong. Firstly, the POST tells me the 'AHCI drivers are not loaded', but I had set bios to RAID/AHCI before loading Win7 and drivers -and with the two single drives the PC works fine. Disk Management shows the pair as 'Disk 0' but I cannot use, format nor undo the RAID. The second disk capacity shows as 1678Gb Unallocated (not the 2048Gb of the other) and the options are greyed. On startup I get the XHD error as above - Task Manager shows it as XHD II *32 is this the wrong version? Is there a *64 version that I have not found? Any help to 'kill' this RAID muddle and advice on how best to set up a 4Gb raid 0 will be welcomed, thankfully. I would like to do it without a Win 7 reinstall as having done that once without a BSOD (!!!) I don't expect my luck to hold for a second try ... ... (I hope to then set up another Raid 1 with a pair of WD 1Tbs.)

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    Default Re: Raid and XHD setup and delete on GA-P55A-UD7

    There is a 2TB partition limit in windows, are you aware of this?

    I have not used XHD, only Intel RAID, so that is what I'd suggest you use - but you will need to read about and get around the 2TB partition limit if you are trying to make that all one partition.

    As for clearing the RAID array, go into the Intel RAID ROM BIOS and delete the array (Control + I at startup). If that fails, or that is not how you originally created the array which means it probably wont help delete it, then I'd suggest you use HDDerase, Killdisk, ect to zero out the drive and then you will need to format them all again and set active, ect before using.

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