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Thread: GA-MA770T-UD3P : What could be cause of BIOS corruption?

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    Default GA-MA770T-UD3P : What could be cause of BIOS corruption?

    I have a problem, or rather I had the problem which I managed to solve but I'm interested what could be the cause of it.

    One day I tried to power on my computer. Fans started spinning, HDD powered on, LED were on, but that was all. No beep, no BIOS screen, no other activity. I tried to power off/on it milliontimes, but it seemed to be dead.

    So I disconnected all unneeded components but still nothing. I reinsterted CPU, memory, graphics, reset CMOS but still nothing. Then I tried to push Reset button and computer started to produce 4 long beeps. So I tried reinserting CPU, memory again and again and again with trying to reset in "dead" state. Still only 4 long beeps, but after sometime the following screen appeared.

    GA-MA770T-UD3P : What could be cause of BIOS corruption?-obr-zek-9-jpg

    After it finished, computer was restarted and since that time everything is working correctly.

    Does anybody know what could be cause of such problem? I guess if I hadn't DualBIOS motherboard, it would be dead forever. Computer was used in common way under Window 7 with non-admin privileges. No BIOS update was performed in last time.

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    Default Re: GA-MA770T-UD3P : What could be cause of BIOS corruption?

    There are different methods for recovery.
    I recall an old ASUS MB, P3 I think it was, that arrived with dead BIOS, but recovered quickly from the CD.

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