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Thread: graphics card

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROSESTEEL View Post
    The best card in the current $100-150 range is the HD 5770. It's a great card. If you shop around, you can find these cards closer to $100. Although I prefer the MSI and Asus aftermarket coolers, I went with the HIS IceQ because I found a great deal on it.

    You will see significant improvement in performance if you spend about $30-40 more on the HD 6850, which replaces the HD 5830, or the GTX 460 1GB (neither 768MB nor SE version). These two cards often feature Mail-in-Rebates, discounts, and other promotionals. Shop around for a card closest to $150. - Computer Hardware,Video Cards & Video Devices,Desktop Graphics / Video Cards,Radeon HD 6000 series,Radeon HD 6850 - Computer Hardware,Video Cards & Video Devices,Desktop Graphics / Video Cards,GeForce GTX 400 series,GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi)

    The GTX 460 1GB probably is the stronger performing card than the HD 6850, but the HD 6850 has other useful features that also make it an attractive buy compared to the GTX 460.

    Incidentally, although it is difficult to compare performances of price brackets from different generations, I think the 9600 GT actually began selling at the $150-220 bracket, which is where the GTX 460 1GB and HD 6850 are selling at currently. These 2 cards actually began selling at a higher price point. It is the HD 5770 that actually began selling at the $150-220 range.

    (neither 768MB nor SE version) did u mean mean don't buy tat version . in brackets

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    If you are interested in the GTX 460, do ignore the SE and 768MB versions.

    By the way, my preferred quick guide to monthly top graphics card models rated by price bracket is the one by Tom's Hardware. Here's their guide for Feb 2011:

    Best Graphics Cards For The Money: February 2011 : February Updates

    Check it out. :)

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