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Thread: Overclocking Issue - GA-P35-S3G

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    Default Re: Overclocking Issue - GA-P35-S3G

    Set 2-3 clicks above for 2.66GHz and then as needed for 3 and 3.16GHz.
    Could be just the MCH holding you back because it's a lot of RAM.

    Set PCI clock 100 too, all the rest normal/defaut for now.

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    Default Re: Overclocking Issue - GA-P35-S3G

    How long did you take the battery out and clear CMOS? Please remove the battery, and unplug the PSU from the board or wall, then press and hold the case power on button for one minute and then let the system sit overnight while you sleep.

    Then put it all back together the next day and boot up and enter the BIOS, then load Optimized Defaults and save/apply/F10 and reboot. Then once it reboots go back into the BIOS and set any settings you need too like ram voltage or AHCI, ect.

    Then once you have booted to windows reboot and try to change the FSB again 1-5Mhz and see if it will work or not. If not you may need to RMA the board, I've seen this before a few times and it was either the board itself or faulty CPU once I think.

    If you have P35-S3G, and not EP35-S3G, then the latest BIOS is F6c. Yes, this is beta, but I would suggest using it since BIOS support for this board is not going anywhere since it is so old

    If you flash, do the flash and then reboot and do the above things I mentioned doing after starting the board once the Clear CMOS was done.

    These settings should get you 3.6Ghz easy for starters, as long as cooling is up to par (And of course if you can get the board to accept a FSB Change that is)

    Robust Graphics Booster___________ [Auto or Fast]
    CPU Clock Ratio ____________ [9] 
    Fine Clock Ratio ____________[0.0]  << Set 0.0
    CPU Host Clock Control_ [Enabled]
    CPU Host Frequency (MHz)__________ [401] 
    PCI Express Frequency (Mhz)_______ [100]
    C.I.A. 2__________________________ [Disabled]
    System Memory Multiplier (SPD)____ [2.00A]
    DRAM Timing Selectable_______ SPD __ [Manual]
    Performance Enhance = [Standard]
    CAS Latency Time________________ 9
    Dram RAS# to CAS# Delay_________ 9
    Dram RAS# Precharge Delay_______ 9
    Precharge Delay (tRAS)__________ 24/26  (We need a link to your memory or model #, but these should be ok for now)
    ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD)_________ Auto or 3-4
    Rank Write to READ Delay________  Auto or 3-10
    Write to Precharge Delay_________  Auto or 4-12
    Refresh to ACT Delay______________ 72-82
    Read to Precharge Delay__________ 4-5
    Static tRead Value_______________  Set 9 for now (Lower later slowly testing as you go, maybe 5-6 possible and will be best performance)
    Static tRead Phase Adjust________ [Auto]
    System Voltage Control____ [Manual]
    DDR2 OverVoltage Control__ [+0.300V] = 2.1V check memory voltage and adjust accordingly if it's not 2.1V
    PCI-E OverVoltage Control_ [+0.1V] 
    FSB OverVoltage Control___ [+0.1V] 
    (G)MCH OverVoltage Control [+0.2-0.3V]   Very important for 4-8GB
    CPU Voltage Control_______ [1.xx]   All up to your CPU, maybe 1.25-1.42 should be plenty for 3.6Ghz
    Limit CPUID Max. to 3.....................: [Disabled]
    No-Execute Memory Protect............: [Enabled]
    CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)................: [Disabled]
    C2/C2E State Support....................: [Disabled]
    x C4/C4E State Support..................: [Disabled]
    CPU Thermal Monitor 2(TM2) ...........: [Enabled]
    CPU EIST Function.........................: [Disabled]
    Virtualization Technology................: [Disabled] Enabled if you use Vmware/Virtual PC
    Integrated Peripherals
    Legacy USB Storage Detect___________________[Disabled] *Note* Must be enabled to flash from USB

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