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Thread: ga-p67a-ud3 cooler recommendations?

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    Default Re: ga-p67a-ud3 cooler recommendations?

    thank you everyone for your suggestions :) I'm gonna go over them all and i'll report back when I finally make a choice :)

    I know for sure I won't be going with a liquid cooling solution for this rig even if it is the quietest.


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    Default Re: ga-p67a-ud3 cooler recommendations?

    Dont let any of my comments put you off watercooling,I'm sure they are much improved now, but with sandybridge air cooling is all you need as they don't get hot
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    Default Re: ga-p67a-ud3 cooler recommendations?

    I didn't see this mentioned, so I'll throw this in. The CM Hyper 212+ runs very quiet. On my MOBO I had to install the RAM in the first slot before cooler install because of the heat spreaders on the G Skill RAM. Nevertheless it works good and is very quiet.
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    Default Re: ga-p67a-ud3 cooler recommendations?

    Zalman CNPS10X Quiet. Not sure if two fans are possible.
    For CNPS10X Flex and CNPS10X Performa two fans are possible.

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    Default Re: ga-p67a-ud3 cooler recommendations?

    Agreed with manoots. The original Coolit Domino was indeed plgued with issues, the barbs were very fragile. Newer revisions improved the issue. The Corsair units don't suffer from this at all. The barbs are also hinged and rotate with a surprizing ammount of freedom.

    Corsair's new H60 in particular would be a great buy if one were looking for a self contained liquid cooler. The block/pump unit has been overhauled and is both thinner, quieter and better performing than those on the H50 and even the H70. In terms of actual temps, it beats the H50 by a couple of degrees at load, and looses out to the H70, again by a couple of drgrees. This is due to the H60 only having a single width rad, compared to the H70'd double thickness rad. It's also quieter than the H50 by ~12% and quieter than the H70 by ~20%. For once, the fan included with the product is actually pretty decent, with good airflow and quite a high static pressure. You could probably cut noise even more by using a Noctua NF-P12 (there are higher air flow Noctua fans, but this model produces by far the highest static pressure, even compared to the 140mm model. Two NF-P12's in push/pull with the supplied LNA's is around the same volume level as the included fan, but also cools much better too.

    I've been meaning to replace my TRUE Black for some time, and the H60 is looking rather attractive. I already have two NF-P12's, so combine those with three NF-P14 FLX (one front intake, one side intake and one top exhaust, balanced with the LNA's for slight positive pressure) and I should be able to quieten down my 690 II case no end. Having a lot of mesh is great for air flow (my GPU temps are ~10-15c lower than my old Lian Li PC A09) but it definitely increases noise for the same fan setup, and without positive pressure, it can get dusty vey quickly.

    You may want to experiment with actually making the fan on an all in one system draw air in rather than have it act as an exhaust. When gaming, my case temps do get a little toasty, even in a decently vented case. The air expelled from my top fan is definitely nice and warm after a hour or so playing BFBC2/Crysis. As long as you have a decent top exhaust, it shouldn't be an issue. If you find it adversly effects your air flow, replace any larger 140mm top exhaust with two 120mm, or in extreme cases experiment with making your side intake or even your front intake an extractor. That doesn't work well in all cases, as it depends on air flow characteristics, but I've found that it cools very well in small/mid tower cases. I must emphasize, this isn't a universal solution, but it does work well sometimes. The tubing, unfirtunately, isn't long enough to allow you to mount the cooler in your front fan bay, but that would only be possible anyway if you have a case where the HDD bays are removable.

    Another advantage of such a setup is that it basically eliminates the CPU heat sink fan and replaces the rear exhaust fan, meaning that in real terms you'll have one less fan in your system.

    All in one liquid systems have come a long way. They're not on par with stand alone block/rad/res/pump setups, but their effectiveness matches their convenience and cost surprisinly well.
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    Default Re: ga-p67a-ud3 cooler recommendations?

    Actually I wanted a Noctua but figured they were a little pricey. I ended up going with the Scythe Mugen 2 Rev B and couldn't be happier. Dropped about 10c from the zalman 9500a I was using at first.

    My 2500k running at 4.5ghz on auto voltage goes to about 65c. Suits my needs just fine and not too expensive. It's quiet out of the box, but you can run a better fan on if you want more performance out of it.

    Here's a vid of the installation:

    ga-p67a-ud3 cooler recommendations?-mugen2-025-jpg
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