I recently updated this Mobo to BIOS f4 to try and get rid of an intermittent problem where the LAN adpater would "disappear" from Windows Device Manager upon wake from sleep state necessitating a reboot.

Well F4 didn't solve the issue and now the NIC has another symptom, rather than just disappear from Device Manager, it is still visible but now claims that the network cable is not plugged in. Of course I try unplugging and replugging in with original cable and another known good cable all to no effect, rebooting this time has not solved the issue this time.

I've also tried different ports on the router, no effect, the router port light blinks like it knows there is a cable there but has no signal. (Router = WRT54GS v2). I know router is good because I am typing this on a laptop connected wirelessly. I even tried a direct ethernet link between cable modem and computer, no luck, still thinks LAN cable is disconnected.

Anyone else had any similar issues with their GA-EG45M-UD2H? I'm about ready to throw in the towel and put in a spare PCI based NIC card rather than lose any more hair!

Thanks for any advice