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Thread: X58A-UD3R memory issue, question

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    Default X58A-UD3R memory issue, question


    I have the X58A-UD3R, I installed 12 gigs 10666 DDR3 memory.

    Mobo is rev. 1.0, memory is mushkin 10666 DDR3

    When the mobo post's, it always stops at 8 gigs ram.
    Whn win7 pro is loaded, system device mgr shows 12.0 GB (8.0 usable)
    When I hit ctrl-alt-del, physical memory (MB)
    total 8190
    cached 1211
    Available 6216
    free 5150
    paged 183, nonpaged 86

    Resource monitor

    hardware reserved 4098
    in use 1882 MB
    modified 145 MB
    Standby 1065 MB
    Free 5104
    Is this normal for the system to use 4096 for the system.

    Also, when I just use three sticks for 6 GB, the system uses 2048 GB.

    Why is the system useing all this memory?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: X58A-UD3R memory issue, question

    There should be none reserved for hardware,it should say 12gb,what qpi voltage are you using?test each stick one by one in first white ram slot,repeat test on other white slots,it will boot into windows with one stick,check cpu socket for bent pins
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    Default Re: X58A-UD3R memory issue, question

    Here is some bios info, hope this helps. TY

    My CPU is the Intel 930, MB ver 1.0
    64 gig SSD
    two 1TB WD black
    850 watt power supply

    I wrote down some of the info in the bios.
    cpu clock ratio 21X
    cpu frequency 2.80Ghz (133x21)
    inter turbo boost tech (enabled)
    cpu cores (all)
    C3/C6/C7 state support (disabled)
    QPI clock ratio (auto)
    QPI link speed 4.8 GHz
    uncore frequency 2667 MHZ
    base clock (bclk) control disabled
    BCLK frequency (mhz) 133
    Performance enchance (standard)
    Extreme memory profile (X.M.P) disabled
    system memory multiplier (SPD) 10.0
    Mem frequency (MHZ) 1066 1333
    dram timing selectable (SPD) QUICK
    profile DDR voltage 1.5V
    profile QPI voltage 1.175v
    cas latency time 8 [7] set to 7
    trcd 8 [7] set tp 7
    trp 8 [7] set to 7
    tras 20 [7] set to 7
    command rate cmd 2 [1] set to 1
    channel interleaving 6 [auto]
    rank interleaving 4 [auto]
    loadline calibration [standard]
    cpu core 1.29375v [auto]
    QPI/VTT voltage 1.175v
    Iohcore 1.100v
    dram voltage 1.500v

    Thank you
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    Default Re: X58A-UD3R memory issue, question

    Before we look into changing settings, please test each stick one by one in any white slot, then test each white slot with a single stick and see if it boots or not.

    If so, then fill all three white slots and leave those, then test each blue slot with one stick only and see if they all register the proper amount of memory. If all of that works as expected, then you just need to make some BIOS adjustments.

    What model is your Mushkin memory?

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    Default Re: X58A-UD3R memory issue, question

    I want to thank you for going through this with me.

    I did try just one stick at a time, all six 2gb sticks loaded win7 x64.
    I then put 1, 2gb stick in each of the three white slots.
    Windows loads fine but the bios only shows 4096 at post.
    It never counts anything over 4 GB
    I took out the three sticks out of the white slots and, put the other three 2gb sticks in the
    the white slots. still post only shows 4096 gb
    I have not tried leaving three in the white slots then adding one blue at a time, will do.
    This maybe useless infor but I just added it
    I do the ctrl-alt-del
    Physical memory (MB)
    total 8190
    cached 1250
    Available 6291
    Free 5184
    - Just a note, when I open the resource monitor, I see:
    Available 6269 MB
    Cached 1237 MB
    Total 8190 MB
    Installed 12288 MB &Description=998677b&x=21&y=35
    Enhanced Blackline 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model 998677B

    DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Timing 7-7-7-20 Cas Latency 7 Cas Latency: 7
    Voltage: 1.5V – 1.6V
    Multi-channel Kit: Triple Channel Kit
    Timing: 7-7-7-20
    Model #: 998677B
    Item #: N82E16820226116

    update 8:29 est
    It looks like it's the last blue memory holder.
    Right now with 5, 2GB sticks, I have 10.0 GB and in hardware reserve it's useing 2 MB
    If I put the stick in the last blue socket that is where I plug in the power for the mother board, 2048 or 4096. in hardware reserve.
    I'm going to check one more time by moving one of the 5 sticks that's reporting the full 10.0 GB and then finish this.

    Final input:
    It looks like is't on of the 2GB sticks. Every socket is working fine.
    I now have 5 sticks, total of 10.0 gb.

    I will now have to get ahold of mushkin. I think they will want all three sticks returned.
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    Default Re: X58A-UD3R memory issue, question

    So each blue socket worked once all white was filled, and you ended up finding one stick that didn't work in a blue slot?

    If so, why/how did that stick pass the single white slot memory tests? Or did you not test each stick in a white slot one by one after you finished testing each white slot to be sure those all worked?

    If you think you are sure it's a faulty memory module, test that faulty stick by itself in any white slot, it should fail if it's faulty - while others would work when tested by themselves in the same way.

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