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Thread: GA-X48-DS5 overclocking advice

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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 overclocking advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Chike View Post
    I leave all advanced timings auto.
    At 450MHz FSB my VTT(FSB equiv) is only +0.02, and MCH +0.07, references are tweaked though 0.72 @ 1.2VTT MCH ref, and 0.744 @ 1.2 VTT CPU ref, and clock CPU skew 150.
    Yhat's with P45, X48 may need different settings

    Yes if you're still at that dualcore then you dont need much fsb/mch voltage :)

    At 450mhz fsb if i leave every adv.timing at default, i get system freeze with high pitch sound.. My mobo supports max 8gb and i guess this puts more pressure on the MCH(NB).

    I didnt change much only 3 values and tRFC had the biggest stability impact. Well mobo bios mode doesnt raise any if OC further, it keeps tRFC at ~ 70.

    Anyway im still stable at 450mhz, ran 2 more LP2 rounds (1round with monitoring Aida64) and all is good, tRFC at 84 did the trick.

    edit: i raised it to 86 for stability reasons

    btw; big tnx for tRFC info:)
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    Default Re: GA-X48-DS5 overclocking advice

    Hi, small recap from me..

    I wouldn't get it stable at 445mhz+ fsb no matter what. Well at first i thought it was ok, but failed later in more tough testing BF3..

    I always thought its ram at 8gb, well until i saw this review - mostly GTLR section
    Overclocking Gigabyte X48 DQ6 with E8500

    The main trick was clock skew 50ps and fsb 0.15v + GTLR1: -3% and now im happy at 455mhz fsb using these settings;

    fsb 455mhz (3.640ghz, ram 1092mhz)
    PCIx: 100mhz
    mem. enhance:turbo
    5-5-5-15 (or 18 for stability)

    adv timings:
    tRRD: 5
    tWTR: 6
    tWR: 10
    act to act refresh tRFC: 83
    tRTP: 8
    Performance Level:7
    Phase adjust - auto
    cmd. rate: 2t

    skew, driving
    cpu skew- 50ps
    mch skew- normal

    pcix: +0.10v
    mch: +0.300v (can do 0.275v but i noticed slower speed in aida64 mem. bandwidth)
    fsb: +0.15v
    *GTLR1: -3%
    *GTLR2: normal
    LLC- auto
    cpuv: 1.343750v (real in windows 1.329v or with LLC off ~ 1.3750v, idle ~1.339v)

    * to see these settings press CTRL+F1

    And yes this finally passed LINX, IBT and by games; LostPlanet dx11 variable demo, RE5 DX10 +winamp combo, usually it froze or bosd, even with higher Mch voltage, ram timings and cpu voltage.

    This is what i get in Aida64 memory bandwidth

    Last edited by The|Hunter; 05-04-2012 at 03:44 AM. Reason: changed tRFC 82 to tRFC 83 it gave the better Aida64 read speed.

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