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They're quite hard to find here in the UK too. All my favorite online retailers are out of stock on an almost permanent basis, and when they do get stock, it's always of the most expensive brand. With a 6990, they're all reference so apart from warranty terms, any manufacturer will do. :)

Acebmxer raises an interesting point though. For much less cash, you can go tri-fire with a 6990 and a 6970.This will probably net you ~85%+ of the performance of Quadfire, as Quadfire is where scaling really drops off. Even better, get a 6990 and a first edition reference 6950, flash the 6950 to a 6970 and get your TriFire that way. Depends on pricing of the 6970 in your country though.

Note that all the way up to 2560x1600, TriFire would be ideal, but if running eyefinity, eg four monitors at 7680x1080 or even three at 5760x1080, Quadfire actually starts to offer closer to the magic 100% scaling over a single 6990.
I actually had the same idea in mind when i was ordering all the parts for my build a few weeks ago ... tri fire and an upgrade from a 1920x1200 to a 2560x1600 was all i needed. Now i have the quad itch and think i am going to go 5760 x 1200 / 1080 but i need to get ahold of two 6990's, three good 23/24 inch monitors (maybe the alienware 120hz) and i may need / want another case, heh. It never really ends, it can be a very expensive hobby.