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Thread: No POST with X4 970 upgrade on GA-MA790X-DS4 with F10D BIOS

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    Default No POST with X4 970 upgrade on GA-MA790X-DS4 with F10D BIOS

    Hi all,

    After checking the CPU compatibility list and ensuring my BIOS was flashed to F10D, I upgraded my computer from a Phenom 9850 to a Phenom II 970. The OPN of the 970 is HDZ970FBGMBOX.

    The system will not POST or boot up whatsoever. There are no beeps or anything indication of what is wrong. I have tried reflashing the BIOS and clearing it by removing the battery etc as per the manual, however this has not given me results. When I've switched back to the original processor, it ends up working again.

    I'm at a loss what could be causing this, unless there is a "new" 970 that isn't compatible, or Gigabyte has lied about compatibility.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. I'd rather not have to go and buy another motherboard just for this upgrade when it should work in the first place (and pulling my motherboard out will take a bit of time)

    Thanks for any helpful replies in advance.

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    Default Re: No POST with X4 970 upgrade on GA-MA790X-DS4 with F10D BIOS

    When reflashed the BIOS did you clear DMI data?
    How did you flash, with the old CPU?
    Since one CPU does work, even though it's AM2+, i'd suspect the processor itself. First check the pins on the CPU, if possible try to replace it and see if the new one works.

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