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Thread: Any EX58-UD4P users with BIOS F14P?

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    Default Any EX58-UD4P users with BIOS F14P?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if any EX58-UD4P users who upgraded to BIOS F14P can share their experience? Good/bad/etc.

    I'm currently on a F10-ish BIOS (F10d I think?). I do want to upgrade BIOS but I feel more secure if I know a bunch of others
    already did so and didn't have any major problems. My system is pretty "standard" with a mild overclock, except I use AHCI.
    I have a GTX560, Windows 7 64-bit, etc.

    So... let me know! Thanx :)

    (BTW there is really just one "issue" that I had, which I hope F14P can help with - when I first installed Win7 onto my system, my stability was not great with Microsoft standard AHCI drivers. I had to upgrade to Intel Matrix AHCI drivers. So if F14P improves AHCI stability, it's a plus point for me because I prefer Microsoft drivers)

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    Default Re: Any EX58-UD4P users with BIOS F14P?

    Update: Anyways, I decided to try F14P...

    So far, it's mostly looking good (as in, the same) except one thing: With Smart Fan set to ENABLED and Smart Fan Mode set to PWM, my CPU fan was spinning way too fast! It is the fan which comes with Hyper 212 Plus. It was idling at 1500rpm (75% of max) and at load going to 2000rpm (= max). These were much higher RPMs than I used to get in the F10d bios with the same temperatures.

    This issue was so annoying I was thinking of downgrading BIOS... but then i decided to change PWM to VOLTAGE. And now it is working exactly the same as before; the cpu fan idles at 1000 to 1100RPM, and at load it slowly ramps up to 1600RPM. I assume it'll keep going up in speed if my cpu core gets hotter, but according to RealTemp, my cpu cores never get hotter than 67 degrees C (Prime95 small FFT).

    Just to confirm, there's no problem with me running a "PWM" fan (CM Blademaster) in "Voltage" mode, right?
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