Hi all..Fist time post on this forum, and i have a question...can any one tell me if they are using a LSI 92658I raid card on their Gigabyte ud9 with out any issues?? i am currently running this board in sli -dual 580"s (hydrocoppers) in the first two 16 bit pci slots, and have every intention of installing the LSI 92658I in the next avalable 16 bit pci slot.. Iam on the (f4) bios and have never installed a raid card on this motherboard before.in the past i have no issues with a areca 1231ml on a evga 759 classified motherboard...I Googled this question and their seems to be issues with the older version of the lsi card the 9260. so if any one could offer any tips,bios setting,firmware upgrades,-both motherboard,and lsi card,it would be helpful.ps.lsi tech support seems to talk about server motherboards ..which the ud9 isn"t. iwhich to avoid motherboard bios conflicts if any.Thank you for your input.