Hey guys.

I ran into an issue recently and just wanted to give a heads up about it. It might help other people which might be running into the same situation.

I was using DES advanced on my gigabyte board and all of a sudden I noticed my pc got really slower in games and such. Ran the WEI tool and noticed my CPU and memory score had dropped dramatically (to about half the score it usually gets). Started to get scared :S

Was bumping my head trying to figure out what might have happened and then I remembered that earlier in the day I had changed my power plan in Windows from "Balanced" to "High Performance". So... i went back to that and reverted that change and bam! it was working normal again! even WEI got the normal scores again.

So bottom line, don't use DES advanced and the "High Performance" power plan together. It will throttle down your CPU speed. Both softwares conflict and are not compatible. I should have informed myself better first because it kinda makes sense since that power plan basically disables EIST and DES on the other hand relies on it...

So here you go. Hopefully someone in the same situation can find this post and it might help :)