Spoke too soon on the onboard HDMI output. This system goes to sleep quite a bit since it's really only used for recording/playback of HD OTA virtually all in prime time. I have this pc hooked up to a Pioneer receiver by hdmi and then by hdmi to a 42" plasma. I have been using the same setup (just with another mobo with discrete graphics) for years and with the Pioneer for a year and 1/2. With this new mobo, when it comes out of sleep there is no video if the receiver was not set to the HTPC when it woke up. It seems to be ok if the receiver is set to the HTPC before wakeup, but even then the screen does not format properly (much overscan). Some of this has to be due to the drivers (both chipset and video), but they are the ones available.

I did notice on Gigabyte's site for the product features/specs that there is a note that onboard video connections are often not hot pluggable, but the only one that seems to have that problem is the HDMI. My guess is it has something to do with the handshake not being conducted properly. I'm curious if anyone has had similar problems with onboard audio (I've used ATI onboard before without these types of problems). I'm sure everything for this mobo is geared to Win7 and not XP that I'm using,, but that wouldn't account for some of the video problems at post.

The problem is everything else is working well and the pq from the ATI APU video is excellent.