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Thread: DMM monitoring, amperage, and AC/DC

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    Default Re: DMM monitoring, amperage, and AC/DC

    Right, Vtt is especially overvolted on the OC board, and probably other boards as well. And that amount usually is higher the higher up you set the voltages for all the boards as well (Same applies with Vcore, differences increase as you get higher).

    The reason they do this with the Vtt, I assume, is because many memory kits and or CPU's can't handle what timings/speeds people or XMP set at stock, so they try to help out the end user with stability by doing that, that way users don't end up thinking their CPU is broke or the board/memory is broke, ect.

    As for your measure points EX vs A boards on a personal level, I can only say those are not the same PCB's, so you should probably only rely on what you know is the correct point for the type of board you are using. If you need measure points for an A board, and you have an A board, let me know and I'll see if I can find one to link for you.

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    Default Re: DMM monitoring, amperage, and AC/DC

    1.4 VTT(1.395v) gives 1.42v no change idle/load. The ridiculous overvolt only happens at the stock setting(1.195v gives LESS which I now changed to & is still stable for sig durations/test & stock is 1.175v), I don't even have a XMP option in bios (from what I see all that does it throw on 1.45v+ VTT like its designed to fry something).

    The A & non A PCBs are different but the points pointed out for QPI PLL/CPU PLL/VTT are for sure the same on the non A boards. Especially CPU PLL, which I know voltage is changing as if I go back to x20 multiplier it responds hugely to that setting.

    Using non A board point:

    BIOS 1.300v = 1.91v DMM
    BIOS 1.400v = 1.91v DMM
    BIOS 1.500v = 1.91v DMM
    BIOS 1.600v = 1.91v DMM
    BIOS 1.700v = 1.91v DMM
    BIOS 1.800v = 1.91v DMM
    BIOS Normal = 1.91v DMM
    BIOS 1.840v = 1.94v DMM
    BIOS 1.860v = 1.96v DMM

    Using A board point:

    BIOS 1.300v = 1.33v DMM
    BIOS 1.400v = 1.43v DMM
    BIOS 1.500v = 1.52v DMM
    BIOS 1.600v = 1.62v DMM
    BIOS 1.700v = 1.72v DMM
    BIOS 1.800v = 1.82v DMM
    BIOS Normal = 1.82v DMM
    BIOS 1.840v = 1.85v DMM
    BIOS 1.860v = 1.88v DMM

    The other A board points being QPI PLL, "other" VTT & DRAM point also respond and read properly for all tried volt ranges in bios (to safe values of coarse no 1.8v) which weren't even listed for my board based on the hardwarecanucks site, I didn't try the IOH/ICH A board points since my board specific ones are reading & scaling proper. I can't seem to find any other site giving images of measure points for non A boards, do you know of any? Can I also see what you have for an A board as I question hardwarecanucks's accuracy. Maybe they are wrong and the points im using are indeed non A board points in the first place.
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    Default Re: DMM monitoring, amperage, and AC/DC

    There are many places on a board you could measure any of these from, and they may be the same on some boards or different. So you need to be 100% sure you are measuring with a image from your board type, otherwise the voltage may or may not be the same.

    As soon as the search feature is fixed at XS forum I can give you the EX58 image for voltage measuring, I can't find it right now because their search feature is broke. Google is no help because I need to search by user only

    For A boards, you can check one of Sin's reviews, like the UD5 Rev 2.0 (These following links will show you how you can read from various points for the same voltage)

    UD7/UD9 (From GOOC 2010 Guide here
    image[30].png (image)
    image[31].png (image)
    image[32].png (image)

    And more here once his site it back up

    I'll get you the EX58 one once I can search Hicookie's posts at XS!
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