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Thread: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

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    Default Re: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

    Hello there
    i want to use an intel Xeon e5 1680 v2 on an Gigabyte G1 Assassin 2 mobo.
    actually I use the mod f12y bios
    but cpu is not recognized and I have a boot loop.
    does anyone know which bios mod support the 1680 v2 cpu?
    is it possible to add this cpu compatibility on the G1 assassin 2?

    on Gigabyte main page there is official support till 1660 v2 is there such a lot difference between both cpu?
    i.e. Xeon e5 2687w v2 is also supported by this mobo only my 1680 v2 won’t run.

    I have overread a little v2 cpu are not officially supported is there any way to get them to work…?

    thx for help and any advice
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    Default Re: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

    Quote Originally Posted by virtualfred View Post
    GA-Z68M-D2H BIOS U1G mod

    Modified with :

    Intel Legacy RAID ROM to
    Intel UEFI SataDriver to
    Realtek PCIe GBE Controller 2.50 to 2.57
    Intel PCI Accelerated SVGA BIOS 2158
    Sandy GOPdriver 2.0.1023 to 2.0.1024
    Ivy GOPdriver 3.0.1023
    Sandy (06A7) CPU-MicroCode rev.29 added
    Ivy E1(06A9) CPU-MicroCode from rev17 to 19
    Modified splash logo
    Hi I have this exact motherboard (z68m-d2h, rev 1.0) bought off ebay. It's running on U1G bios as well. When running on a i7-3770 CPU, the dual channel memory will not work. Any memory installed on channel B will result in a power off - reset when I powered on in 10 seconds.

    I wonder maybe it's BIOS is still not up to date, and I would like to request modified BIOS above. Kindly let me know if you still have it.

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    Default Re: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

    Is there a modified bios for Z87X-UD5H it can run NVMe as a boot drive?

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    Default Re: GIGABYTE Modified Bios

    Could anyone tell me if the modded BIOS for X79-UD5 (F14b) is good for Sandy Bridge E users too? I have no idea how to check which microcodes I need and which I need to avoid. If not, could someone mod me a good SB-E BIOS?

    I can't get along with the search function on this forum. My post in the Bete BIOS thread magically disappeared. I've scoured hundreds of pages for information, finally landed on F13t, modded and updated it slightly to not mess it up, found out it's not going to work for me because it's lacking UEFI only and Secure Boot options.. I can't get my RX 570 running in UEFI mode on it. Every piece of information I try to find leads back to these forums.. I'm really at the end of my wit here guys, a little help would be greatly appreciated.


    I just figured out both stock F14b and modded F14b use microcode revision 710 for any CPU with CPUID 206D7, which has been used ever since version F13U where Ivy Bridge E was introduced. So I'm going to assume that it's not as good for SB-E users
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