Hi, just want to report that the last couple of days ive had no resets, soon as i switch on it beeps then boots, but, this morning its gone back to the 3 resets again, i do believe this is a bug not a safety check, also i noticed after a few reboots my spin up time decreases, i have to reflash the bios to get my spin up time back to a decent speed, if it was the hdd itself then bios reflashing wouldnt make a difference which it does, i think my board is coming to the end of its life. To be honest, i think it was dodgy from day one, i should of rma,d but because it boots i kept it, didnt want to end up with something worse.Anyway, ill be getting a new cpu and board in the next few weeks, can i get some advice, should i get x79 or get the z77 and get the 2700k untill 6 core is released, what is the best cpu, will ivy bridge out perform lga2011 when its released?. Would dual channel and quad channel make any difference in gaming.