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Thread: GA EX-58-UD5 wierd booting. BIOS is extreeeemly slow. After booting Win7 runs normally.

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    Default GA EX-58-UD5 wierd booting. BIOS is extreeeemly slow. After booting Win7 runs normally.

    Here's a challenge. Recently, something I cannot explain, happened to my GA EX-58-UD5 machine. The symptoms show up like this: During the process of a normal boot, all of the BIOS screens are very slow and ponderous. Minutes go by as the RAID controller finds all it's drives. Disconnecting these drives does not help. It often takes 5+ minutes for the machine to make it through the Win 7 startup animation because it is being drawn one line at a time. Once Windows starts, everything appears to run fine.

    This happens again and again and a normal reboot cycle will not fix this. I have even gone as far as to wipe out all of my BIOS settings and then re-enter them. No changes. What I have noticed is that if I follow the following steps, things seem to work like they did before this problem showed up.

    1) I turn the machine completely off, by either disconnecting the power cord or switching the power supply off.
    2) Press the power button for 3-5 seconds to allow any retained voltages to bleed off. I make sure the onboard power button goes dark.
    3) Reconnect/enable the AC power to the power supply. The onboard power button now glows blue.
    4) Press either power button and the machine will boot at "normal" speeds.

    This computer is booting off of an OCZ 120GB Agility drive, and normally finishes a full boot cycle in less than a minute.

    So, the question I pose here is, what does draining all the power from the mobo change that causes the system to boot correctly? The CMOS battery is @ 3.1vdc

    I am currently running the latest BIOS from the Gigabyte web site, which as of this moment, is F13. The system has 12GB of RAM, mechanical drives on all channels except the first (3) Intel, which hold a boot drive (OCZ) and a pair of X-25s in RAID 0. The processor is an i7 920. Let me know if you need more info....


    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5
    Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz
    G. Skill DDR3-1600 2048MB X3
    BFG Nvidia GTX 280 OC2
    Seagate ST332062AS X 2 RAID 1
    POS Hitachi Super Scan Elite 21
    Vista 64 Ultimate (yeah I know...)

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    Default Re: GA EX-58-UD5 wierd booting. BIOS is extreeeemly slow. After booting Win7 runs normally.

    This could be caused by USB devices, does this occur if you disconnect ALL USB devices such as printers, USB hubs, ect?

    If that corrects the issue, go into the Integrated Peripherals BIOS page and disable Legacy USB Storage or Legacy USB Detect.

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