If you read my full post located HERE , you'll see that my system was built using only the best parts... less the graphics card in which I opted to go with the onboard graphics as I do not game.

Now that I'm beginning to game a little,but only the following games:
Need for Speed - Shift
Need For Speed -Shift 2
Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy Series (Offline versions only, I can't stand online gaming)

I just need a video card expansion that will sufficiently support my playing Shift I & II without delayed control inputs, choppiness in gameplay... and delays in pre-race loading.

If anyone knows a card that will meet this need without breaking the bank...please let me know.

FYI...I have no intent on playing ANY 1st Person Shooters
I'm a Retired US Army E-7 and Ive had my fair share of real world first person shooting... no need to emulate it via video game.