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Thread: z77x-ud5h boot failure

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    Default Re: z77x-ud5h boot failure

    if you try to sleep with any OC at all on the sandy bridge CPUs you will get a boot failure because CPu PLL is automatically engaged with any OCing with both CPUs. With the new processors the 3770K and 3570K CPU PLL OV doesn't have a bad interaction with S3 sleep that PLL OV and SB does. I think they are going to add in CPU PLL Overvoltage control in the BIOS for at least hte sandy bridge guys so they can turn it off.

    The original boot failure could always occur if you restarted twice in a row wither by software or hardware. Last time I tested with 2600K with the newer BIOS it was fine, and the 8_ issue was gone as well, I will test it again.

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    Default Re: z77x-ud5h boot failure

    If you were replying to me, I don't use sleep (unless asked to test). But yes, I was aware of what you mention though, so I know it's not going to work for others until we have the PLL option

    I was mainly referring to the later issues you mentioned. I have not tested with the latest F8 BIOS, but the latest beta F8e was a lot better than previous ones, but it still sometimes would have restart issues or sometimes fully shut down on a reboot from windows yet not at other times. It's hard to describe, especially when it doesn't always happen the same or often, but I'm sure you know what I mean anyway. I just wanted to let you know the 2500K was affected as well, you just don't hear about it as much since more users are using 2600K. The issues are still there, but are FAR less frequent than previous BIOSes, so they are doing a good job on narrowing it down and I'm sure they'll get it fully sorted out soon!

    I agree, we need PLL OV option, not just for sleep choices either! There are times when I know my CPU can OC better/easier with it disabled, so it's not good that it's enabled by default in the background.

    Please keep on them about that, we need to be able to choose! And it would be nice if it was a choice for Ivy too, in case what I mentioned above applies for anyone's CPU's
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