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Thread: z77x-ud3h System Fans Query

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    Default Re: z77x-ud3h System Fans Query

    I miss Abit... they did it right when it came to controlling fans. Since their departure from the market, I can't believe nobody has taken a hint on how they did it...

    every Fan plug could be independently controlled. also could set separate references for any fan and setpoint... it was glory... could be set from either the Bios or in windows using their uGuru utility....

    see screenies compliments of; The New Rebels Haven Forum!!: ABIT AN8-Ultra BIOS Screen Shots

    RIP Abit... you are missed...


    EDIT: btw... Abit was doing this since 2002 iirc.... Gigabyte, Asrock, Asus... get with the programs biatches....
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    Default Re: z77x-ud3h System Fans Query

    Quote Originally Posted by homesizzle View Post
    Wow! It works.

    Is there a way to have 1 of the system fans being controlled off the cpu fan speed?
    That's impossible since all Sys_fan headers share the same control channel.
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    Default Re: z77x-ud3h System Fans Query

    More advanced fan control system are welcome.

    Its hard to make quiet system with it.

    For example i5-3550(or i5-3570к w/o significant voltage adjustment) + cooler with 120-140mm fan (like Zalman x10 Performa/Optima) + 1х120mm in and 2x120mm out all @300-600rpm
    1. Fan control Auto (pwm), Manual 0.75 pwm or Silent. Real Temp: All cores CPU 24-25*C (Room temp 23-24 - so its on error level) mobo shows ~30-40*C.
    CPU fan spin at 800 rpm on idle and 1500-1800 rpm (50-60*C) at full load. Usually rpm jump 800-1200... its really annoying (you can hear it from ~1000 rpm)
    2. If u use resistor(24Om)+voltage control -> cpu fan stops on idle (35-40*C) and at full load 1100-1200 rpm (60-70*C). Usually spins at 600 rpm. (lower value for Zalman 120mm fan and 300rpm for 140mm Scythe fan)
    Even if you replace 120mm fan with 140mm with lower rpm not solve the problem - fan control is "linear".

    On Asus you can set several levels. On Asrock you can set "target temperature" and spin speed.
    So you will "hear the fan" only when it its really need...
    Target temp 60*C -> I can hear the cooler(900-1100rpm and temp 70*C) only when the cpu is running at full load or im playing a game.
    But in the latter case, i wearing headphones and don't hear it too

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