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Thread: P35-DQ6 keeps freezing

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    Default Re: P35-DQ6 keeps freezing

    Quote Originally Posted by secured-nor1 View Post
    Its been 5 years since I have bought this motherboard. Actually I am not gamer but I love to play Battlefield 3 on this computer.(even i've xbox)
    I have had a contactless Nvidia 8800 GTX crashing&freezing with Battlefield 3 so i decided to cook it.

    See photo

    Actually it worked for 8 months and failed. I cooked it again. It worked for 4 months.Cooked again and worked for 2 months. Bored with cooking and I bought Asus HD6880.
    Now I still could play BF3 at all HIGH @1980x1080 resolution without any lag.

    I have had Quadro FX 1500 GO in the past that failed with the same symptoms. Wish I had know the cooking stuff and saved my 1300$. :(
    Anyway, I learned not to spend high-end hardwares.
    What the ... Cooking your computer? Like in an oven? this just sounds imsane!

    Are you still using the card? has this issue been happening since the new card was first installed? Hopefully you didn't mess something up.

    I think you have some serious issues with your system if you have gone through that many video cards.

    I see you're from Istanbul if your location is correct. If so it may be a power issue and you may need an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

    Did you try memtest on your memory yet?

    What was your results?

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    Default Re: P35-DQ6 keeps freezing

    Why do I cook my computer? I just cooked VGA card in a oven(YES) after removing all the plastic parts around it(like fan, cables etc..)
    I have used this vga card over a year with this repair method. This method works for most electronic parts. Not only the VGA cards. It is just a reflow soldering.

    Art attacks!
    English version.
    AddictiveTips Blog ArchiveFix Your Graphics Card By Baking In Oven

    I didn't do a memtest yet. I have played 5 hours of Battlefield 3 without any problem so no need for now.(was freezing 15 minutes of gaming)
    Btw how do you come up with Istanbul and power issues?

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    Default Re: P35-DQ6 keeps freezing

    Nah its just an Cooking thing is weird though. Must have got that form some xbox forums. I've heard they do

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    I've heard of heatguns and maybe hairdryers, after protecting areas from heat with damp cloth. and even seen idiots wrapping a towel around an xbox to force the whole thing to overheat (wearing out all parts in the xbox at the same time), but placing electronics in an oven? lol

    These dangerous practices could be part of your problem.

    also, if your system is running so hot that solder is melting, you have much bigger issues. lol

    Get some fans blowing air into that case. dust regularly (monthly). don't overclock.

    Remember, if you heat your board up to re-solder joints, you also heat it enough to cause it to short circuit.

    I say Istanbul has power issue as it uses a different system and not the highest of quality power is being distributed, usually regulation issues as well. a good UPS will protect you from a lot of these issues.

    Do you have blackouts very often? brownouts (lights flicker)? they will wear out your system fast as well.

    ps, how hot do you get the oven for this cooking?
    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 i7 2600K 8GB (2 x 4GB) G.Skill 1333 CL9 MSI HD 7750 Corsair TX850 80Plus

    GigaByte A75-UD4H AMD A*-3870K 8GB (2X4GB) G.Skill 1866 CL8 On-Chip 6550D Antec EA-450 80Plus Platinum

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