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Thread: How can I fix my mono instead of sending in for repair?

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    Exclamation Warning: MAIN BIOS CHECKSUM ERROR?

    I have used this board for about 1 month and it was placed in my custom built hackintosh. I used this computer daily and frequently and nothing what so ever was wrong. I shut it off last night like usual and when I woke up this morning and turned it on it would start up and shut down very fast like 2-3 times then the 3-4 time it stays on and all I can boot to is the bios. If I try to boot into anything else I get this error;


    Retrieving recovery source from HPA.... HPA BIOS not available!

    Retrieving recovery source from Backup BIOS.... Done!
    Writing BIOS image..... _______K OK"

    The blank space at the end represents a number and it goes up to 4096K then shuts down and keeps repeating the process about until I manually unplug or shut down.

    I just went and bought a brand new CMOS battery for the mobo and I have reflashed the "F13 Bios from the Gigabyte website. I've loaded fail safe and optimized default bios and nothing. I've took the battery, ram, and unplugged the psu cable for 2 hours and it made it worst? I got a approved for repair by gigabyte but I really don't want to wait 2 months for them to repair and i want to know if I'm just missing something very easy. When flashing bios I did try to disable "keep DMI Data" and that did not help either. Pease help me...
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    Default Re: How can I fix my mono instead of sending in for repair?

    It sounds like you have a corrupt CMOS chip. You have a dual BIOS and the second one isn't kicking in automatically.

    You can manually switch the chip by turning off the the system at the power supply switch. Then hold the power button on your case down while turning the psu switch back to the on position. A few secons later the board will start, then immediately turn the psu switch back to off again. and that's it.

    now it should be switched. just turn on the power switch and tap the power button like normal and say a couple of prayers.

    You may need a new CMOS. If your board has two of them you can manually swap the two BIOS chips on the mother board. Then you can order a new BIOS chip off ebay and replaced the bad chip. Just pray they aren't soldered in place.

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