Hi all,

I have an X79-UD5. My internet connection is 100Mbit cable. since I got this board 3 weeks ago I have had Optus (Australia) out 2 times to replace the 'faulty modem' as I was only getting about 5Mbit via speedtest.net

I normally run my 3930k @ 4.5 and memory I have upped to 1950Mhz 9-9-9-20 - 18.66 x 103.4 (BCLK) . As you can see I'm using extra 3.4 BCLK to get the extra out of the memory

Yesterday I installed a new decice and reset bios to defualts and forgot to set BCLK but all other settings same - low and behold my network connected in 2 senconds flat and speetest = 100Mbit.

Made me think did a few tests BCLK off = 100Mbit
BCLK 101 = 20Mbit all repeated several times
BCLK 102 = 12 Mbit
BCLK 103 = 2Mbit
Is it possible that upping BCLK is somehow using resources and throttling Ethernet PCIe lane??

Anyone noticed this behavoiur?

From what I can see doesn;'t seem to affect any other PCIe preipherals (but who really knows??)

EDIT: Just had a look at the motherboard diagram and ethernet seems to be a 1 x PCIe lane from the X79 chip. If explanation is throtttling of bandwidth from X79 chip PCIe lanes Does this mean Intel Sata /Marvel / Ethernet / Firewire / could all be throttled as well? Or maybe only the ones with limited capacaity (hey I'm no tech just guessing )

To Gigabyte - Is this fixable vi BIOS Update?

Anywone willing to test this theory for me?? I'd be very appriateive.
Thanks for the help



Intel 3930k @3.5Ghz; 16GB Corsair 2133 @1950 9-9-9-20 ; 2 x Gigabyte GTX 680 SLI; Corsair H100 cooling; Case - Thernaltake Chaser; Corsiar 1200w Power

Hi all,

Just an update. Gigabyte sent me BIOS 13d to test and still the same behaviour. I've uploade a video to my site that clearly shows the behaviour of upping teh BCLK by 1.1 and losing 75% bandwidth on Ethernet

BTW - anyone using a newer beta BIOS?? what is the new setting to set link speed to Auto /force 5GT/S or force 2.5 GT/S

Still looking for some brave person to up there BCLK and see if it throttles their Ethernet (PLEASE )