Hi there! So, I've been looking around online to see if f14 is the latest bios version for my GA-Z77-D3H board, and now I am incredibly confused. On the official Gigabyte website they only have the f14 available, however I've seen that there appears to be at least f16 bios update available. It's not from the official site, so I'm a bit confused. Does Gigabyte release new bios updates but not update their page or are these versions I'm seeing some other persons handiwork?

Here's the deal, I'm looking for the newest bios for my board to hopefully settle some cold boot issues so I don't have to ship the board back. So, my question is, what is the newest, tested bios available for my board that isn't a beta bios? I don't even want to mess with trying to Q-flash anything.

Thanks for you time!