Had this for over a year now and the bios updates have greatly improves this product. i.e. LLC, and drastically improved stability. Very good OC. Low volt w/ Hyper X Ram and a i5 2500k, but still high OC's. Mine gets to 5ghz at 1.42V and the RAM is always 1866mhz 10-11-10-27 1t at 1.56v. Low speed fans keep it all amazingly cool. Prime 95 blend runs 62c tops. Once the early bios bugs were fixed,,this turned into a great board. Too bad it doesn't crossfire better and have front usb3. THe addition of the multi-level LLC has improved stability 100% despite still seeing noticeable vdroop. Still for 100 bucks,,this is an awesome board. Update to F9 bios peeps. Really, really happy.