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Thread: Trinity MoBo + XMP RAM = good idea?

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    Default Trinity MoBo + XMP RAM = good idea?

    I've just upgraded RAM on my EX58-UD5. I swapped 3*2GB Corsair XMS3 1600MHz 8-8-8-24-2T for Mushkin Blackline 3*4GB 1600MHz 8-8-8-24-1T.

    Now, I've got two options what to do with 'old' kit:

    A) I could use it for a PC I'm building for my parents... I've got PSU, case, DVD+-RW and HDD from some other machines. So basically, I only need MB+CPU+RAM. I was looking into buying for them A10-5700 and some FM2-equivalent of the A75-D2H. I could throw in two of those Corsair sticks and sell the third one.

    B) I could sell all three sticks and buy for my parents new 'AMD-compatible' RAM kit.

    However, here's the thing, it's not so much about money as it is about performance. Those Corsair sticks run @1600-8-8-8-24 only via XMP, but via SPD they're set to 1333-9-9-9-24. Will the FM2 MoBo be able to use the advantage of those XMP clocks/timings? If not, then where do I get some AMD-branded RAM kit? What I mean to say is that SPD/JEDEC specs end at 1333MHz and anything beyond that is done by the XMP. So, to me, buying RAM capable of more than 1333MHz seems a waste of money as I'm not aware whether AMD has their own version of XMP that could take advantage of higher clocked memory.

    Incidentally, has Gigabyte published their portfolio for FM2 socket yet?

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    Default Re: Trinity MoBo + XMP RAM = good idea?

    if its ddr3 and 1.55-1.65v rated i cantsee why it wont work,xmp is only a pre configured profile stored on the memory,you can manually set the ram speed/timings/voltages to 1600mhz
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    Default Re: Trinity MoBo + XMP RAM = good idea?

    Well, I heard that the XMP works only because intel decided to use some of those unused pins ...and AMD boards don't know how to use them hence they need to stick with JEDEC specs.

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