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Thread: UEFI Bios Support

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    Hi there, mates.

    I've been searching through lots of forums, and no answers was found. As Gigabyte is releasing new UEFI BIOS to some of their Motherboards, even to the old models, like P67 ones, i'd like to know if my GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 is going to have that update.

    Is Gigabyte following a release plan for a list of models? Or it's random ?

    Thansk ppl. Sorry for my english


    I'm testing UEFI Bios U1A for GA-Z68X-UD4-B3, and as far I can tell, it loads very fast and stable, and Turbo Mode core select has been fixed. But very important features disappear: Vcore and LLC management. Any way to take it back? Is there a Secret/Advanced menu to be activated, like the CTRL+F1 mode in old non-uefi bioses?

    EDIT 2:

    Another bug or deactivated feature is Dolby Sound. Reinstalling realtek HD driver did not work. It doesn't even let me use the equalizer. Sound works, but no option can be used. Anyone having that problem?

    EDIT 3:

    Finally I had to return to Non-UEFI Bios. I used efi2awd.exe tool, but BEWARE guys, it's still a beta tool, and as far I can tell, a bit buggy. I flashed the F10 bios using the USB Win 98 Bootable drive + DOS command "efi2awd.exe z68xud4.f10" and everything went right. It erased, verified and wrote perfectly. But, and here's the trouble, when I shut the power down, and hanged out the power cable, and rebooted the system It only showed the initial Logo screen and started to bootloop. No entering the bios setting or whatever was possible.

    Solution came from desperation. I switched power down, unplugged the power cable, opened the case, removed the battery and used a jumper to close CLEAR CMOS circuit during about 1 minute. I left it standing there and finally, it booted correctly. Then I was able to get to bios settings menu, and loaded optimal settings preset. F10 bios works pretty well, in fact, better than before when I updated it. I feels totally new and fairly clean. I'm guessing flashspi did not clean the bios memory as well as efi2awd does. Vcore and LLC options, and Dolby Sound Settings are back ( I had to reinstall Sound Driver only, to get Dolby back ).

    Let's hope Gigabyte releases UEFI in beta state soon, at least with all working features. They are in the correct way.

    EDIT 4:

    Well, Since several days testing the system, I started noticing that Core Voltage was so unstable, with massive VDrop, even raising LLC up to level 8 ( I usually had to use Level 6 or 7 ). I've flashed F10 several times, using FLASHSPI, QFlash and @Bios. Results are the same: LLC 8, 1.355v vcore on bios, and 1.440v on CPUz when NOT loading, and 1.392 when loading(@4.5Ghz). Any other setting fails on Prime95 AVX mode.

    So I decided to flash an older bios. Headed to Gigabyte's web and found that the older "official" bios was F7, and had a bit of a Dejavu, because I've seen this motherboard with F6 bios. Downloaded that F7 version, flashed it with FLASHSPI and ENDLESS BOOTLOOP COMES OUT!!!

    Not even clearing CMOS, unpluggin power cable, or any other method was succesfull. And then, I found F6 bios on Stationdrivers web. Searching, i reached a succesfull method to restore bios from DualBios backup, which is this:


    1- Put Flashspi and Z68XUD4.f6 bios into a USB FLASH DRIVE ( with Win98 boot disk installed into it previously )

    2- Power down your PC.

    3- Press Power button and hold it down till system boots up and shuts down itself. Release button then.

    4- Power up the system, and you'll se a message from DualBios Restoration. Follow instructions and let it reflash your Main Bios.

    5- Reboot and with the fixed bios, boot from USB FLASH DRIVE, and put at MSDOS POST:

    flashspi.exe z68xud4.f6 /C /D /E

    6- Press enter and let it flash. the "/c /d /e" commands stand for /C-MOS reset /D-MI data erase and /E-xecute Bios Default Preset

    7- After bios flashing. Power down and then up the system, and press ALT+F12, and let new Bios F6 be flashed to DualBios backup bios.

    8- Reboot and configure bios settings as you want.

    After all this mess, finally I have my Z68XUD4 without bootloop issue, booting cool and quiet at LLC 7 and 1.350v @4.5Ghz with fully stable voltage. (1.380v)

    No need to say, that I will stay at F6 bios till UEFI fully working beta comes out.
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