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Thread: Z77X-UD5H. i5 3750k and WoW questions

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    Default Z77X-UD5H. i5 3750k and WoW questions

    Hello everyone. I just built a gaming rig this past weekend and after a few hurdles believe I have it in good working order. My temps right now are idling at 35-40 with some strange fluctuations, but i notice that the CPU cooler fan RPM is pretty irregular so I would write that off as power saving or something. On full load using Intel burntest I got a max of 65 degrees with the temps and fan RPM holding steady. My room is the hottest in the house with a temp of 28 degrees or more sometimes with the worst problems during summer. My GFlops was 96 or somewhere in that area, if it matters. According the the specs of the hyper 212 evo the fan RPM can go up to 2000, and mine was maxing out at just under 1600. Can anyone confirm that these are good temps? The stock cooler was giving me high 70's under mild load so I replaced that one in a hurry. Turns out the thermal paste was barely working at all and had only made contact half-way. The method of application I used for the CPU was a hybrid, doing card on the heat sink and a small x on the processor just to make sure that every possible gap was filled. It should be filled pretty good, when i was clamping the heat sink I was sure I was going to damage it because it seemed to be very tense. There was an automatic stop for the heatsink clamp so I just screwed it to that point.

    Another concern of mine is that the Antec 620W PSU is not enough for potential overclocking. I wasn't looking for anything big, and I'm not going to overclock anywhere in the near future but 4.2-4.3 ghz is probably the most I would aim for. My performance in wow is not what I hoped it would be, so an overclock might help as it seems to be a heavily CPU reliant game. I only get consistent 60-80 fps in Pandaria if I set the draw distance settings to good, with everything else mostly on high or good. A lot of the graphical options don't make a dent to the frame rate, even 8x AA lowers it by maybe 2-3 fps, SSAO makes absolutely no difference. I keep it on 4x AA for the best ratio. I only care about the bottom line you see, and I get about 33-37 fps in the most populated place in Org (Mal'ganis pop full but no queues thus far) and on a large Sha fight similar fps. Another question regarding wow is that I clearly see a clear framerate gain when running in DX9 as opposed to DX11. I don't know who did the benchmarks but If I run at dx11 in Org, my fps is 23-25, a full 10+ frames lower than in DX9. Anything under 30 fps is unacceptable, and I didn't buy this rig to play at crawling fps a bit above 30. It makes sense to me, no game ever gains fps from DX9 to 11. I also see the occasional texture seam, which I'm hoping is normal. I need to know that it's not a problem with my setup/BIOS/PSU so that I can simply dismiss it for what it is.

    The final question, should i update to the latest Gigabyte BIOS revision? Some people say a Bios update could help with performance in some cases, and I'll take all the performance I can get. Thanks in advance for any answers, I'll read them when I get home today. Please forgive any of my ignorance, this is my first full build and I want to make sure everything is optimal.

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    Default Re: Z77X-UD5H. i5 3750k and WoW questions

    Okay so go into 3D power in the UEFi and set vrm performance on extreme perf. Also increase current to the max. See if that changes anything. Have you also messed with the voltage? And are you using power saving modes like C1E, EIST, and C3/C6?

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