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I think there is a problem with PWM on this mobo. When I bought GA-X79S-UP5_WIFI I started with my "old" Corsair HX1000W PSU and mobo after a half sec went off. Then mobo tried to start again and again went off. I have a couple of PSUs in my stash so I took PC&C 750W Mk II and mobo started without major problem (only the BIOS was Corrupted so dual BIOS has been automatically activated). Then I changed the PSU and took Corsair AX860i and... I heard just a weird sound from the PSU (something like short circuitry) and PSU actually looks like already broken (I have to check it with other mobo).

My guess: mobo has serious issues with 3d Power (PWM) which activates protection circuitry (which one?) in some PSUs (only Corsair?).
This exactly is what I guess as well. The Mobo has serious PWM problems seeming to activate protection circuitry. It has already blown a brand new Corsair HX850 PSU and video card Gigabyte GTX670 OC 2GB. I now have it up and running with a Bequiet 850W and an old GTX260 video card but there are still issues. When starting up the board the video card is forced to run fans at full speed which might be normal and I just notice it now with this video card. Sometimes BSOD happens when using soft off. I currently use Bios F3 but before I have used F4w. I think this will be my last Gigabyte board as well as Gigabyte video card. The Gigabyte support also is not helpful at all.