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Thread: Gigabyte Z77x-UP5-TH "d0" post code error , help .....

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    Default Gigabyte Z77x-UP5-TH "d0" post code error , help .....


    Currently I have this computer:

    Gigabyte Z77x-UP5-TH
    RipjapsX G.Skill 2133 MHz
    Gigabyte GTX 480 SOC
    Antec HCP 1200 W

    After installing a Nvidia drivers, gave me a blue screen in Windows 7.

    Yesterday started making a 3D Mark and I went to dinner, when I return, I was with the screen of the bios post and had restarted the PC.

    From there, errors like "d0" etc ... I consulted on google but I clarified for my mobo, you can help me?

    The BIOS is wearing the F11. I have the F12a ready to flash when I can.

    I changed the graphics to an ATI 5870 and follows the "d0", I put the monitor on the integrated and follows the "d0".

    A little help, please, I'm desperate ....

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    Default Re: Gigabyte Z77x-UP5-TH "d0" post code error , help .....

    The manual for your board can be located here;

    D0 stands for CPU initialization error. the LED codes are located on pages 120-123.

    Being that you are using a 2600k I wouldn't think you would need a bios update to run that CPU. Especially a beta bios... I have had to downgrade a Bios from time to time...

    I'd start by resetting the cmos, on first boot go in to your bios and "Load Optimized Settings" and go from there. if you get it again, then I'd take off the cooler and remove the CPU and make sure no pins in the socket got bent accidentally when the CPU was installed. If that's good re-install the CPU and cooler and possibly try the F10 Bios... for your CPU you have to be at bios F8 or higher.

    That's the approach I would use.

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    Default Re: Gigabyte Z77x-UP5-TH "d0" post code error , help .....

    Seems problem CPU was dead.

    That CPU uses on some Benchmarks 3D Marks and its posible was degradated and dead.

    Well , at least I know solution , buy another CPU , hehehehe

    Regards !!!

    PD : I was thinked that are "d0" Video problem but NOT.

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