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Thread: Drive name permenantly written to BIOS flash?

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    Default Drive name permenantly written to BIOS flash?

    Motherboard is Z77X-UD3.

    1. Connected a hard drive containing Ubuntu, attached to IDE controller card. It's a GPT partitioned drive. Boot menu shows "ubuntu" as boot option. Hmm, that's strange, did it get that name from the GPT? Don't know, but it's not a problem. Kind of cool, even. It boots fine.

    2. Removed drive. "ubuntu" STILL in boot menu! What the heck? Needless to say, trying to boot from "ubuntu" doesn't work, since the drive isn't installed. No amount of fiddling with the BIOS settings will get rid of it.

    3. Cleared battery backed memory (date/time lost). "ubuntu" still in boot menu.

    4. Reflashed BIOS. Now "ubuntu" is gone from boot menu.

    Did the BIOS permanently write it into flash? And why would it do such a crazy thing?

    There must be some logical explanation, but it has me baffled.

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    Default Re: Drive name permenantly written to BIOS flash?

    Yeah like you state...Luke just use the force....

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