Normally, my system starts up without a hitch. But I've noticed three times recently that when I change the boot order, such as just now in putting CD in the first position, I get the following error message upon restart:

The system has experienced boot failures because of overclocking or changes of voltages. Last settings in this page may not coincide with current H/W states.
Current CPU speed 3.80 GHz
Current BCLK 100 MHz
Current Memory Speed 1904 MHz

The thing is that I hadn't made any adjustments in several months. But just to check, I verified that CPU speed was set to 3.4 GHz, turned off Turbo and changed the memory speed from 18xx to 1600 (it's 2133 by spec). The next startup showed the same message, but the one after that didn't. But when I changed the boot order back to SSD first, the message was there again. What should I make of this? Thanks,