I have tried every one for my board and they all have issues. Today I turned it on and it just sat there in a boot loop until it finally straightened itself out and booted. Took a few minutes. When the boot loop happens usually I have to clear CMOS to get it to boot so I guess I was lucky. Also, various features that are present in the old AWARD BIOS are either missing or don't work. Frustrated I finally went back to the old AWARD BIOS. This is a mildly overclocked system, nothing extreme.

Why did Gigabyte waste the effort on these BIOS if they don't work properly? Perusing the forums I am not alone in my displeasure with their implementation. I would rather they continue with AWARD updates than a semi-functional UEFI.

For users of Gigabyte 7 series chipset boards, how is the UEFI BIOS working for you? I was considering a Z77 board but I think I will just wait for Haswell to see what that offers.