Think may have found the problem to the freezing in bios and unable to overclock past 4.4 on GA-Z77-UD3 as Ive tried 2 sets of 2x4 corsair memory with no luck,so I thought of taking out my GSKILL 4x2 1600 memory and try them out and so for no lockups in bios and able to run memory at their 1600 speed with a 4.5 Ghz on cpu and so for all is good and it past twice IBT on max setting for 10 runs each time ,were as with the other module(corsair) it would fail each time within a short time of running Ime thinking the issues must come from running modules of 4Gb on the system.maybe if some of you have modules of 2Gb of memory to try them out on these motherboards as I know its a big problem for the gigabyte Z77 motherboards.
will keep testing to see if things go allwright and post.