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Thread: Older X-48 OC

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    Default Older X-48 OC

    hey..And HELP...And thanks

    i snagged my wifes X 48 DQ6 mobo running a Q-9550 (stock is 2.83) Its never been OCed..

    Its replacing my same board running an E 8600 (that now after 8 years fails to OC) stock at 3.33

    So..I want to OC this Quad..But it refuses to... Even with a small FSB increase to just run @ 2.95 fails... All stock voltages.. I also tired to run up the CPU voltage slightly to no avail..

    Ok..So its all set up in the bios as I have always done.. BUT

    I am running a 4 X 2 mem set now, giving me 8 gigs of PC8500.. (old OCZ) before they bit the big one.. STOCK VOLTAGES

    Should I increase the mem volts, and where and how much ?

    I also read the guide here, and I have never set my PCI to 102...I have always run it at 100. ?

    Now..I am no OCing genius, but I have OCed many boards without any problams, so I'm no rookie too..

    I currently have a newer E5200 running stable at 3.6 on air... (GO Stepping based off the older Wolfdale)

    I think this Quad is a GO stepping..I am not 100% on that though..

    What I want to do is pull the water cooling out of my old shop computer and put it on the new X48 and Q9550 , as this Intel 775 idels @ 32-38 on different cores ... I ran Intel burn, completed all passes, and nothing peaked over 42...Soo..Buttt That is on air with a Freezer Pro cooler, running max @ 2700

    Any syggestions would make my sorry ass

    And thanks for any help or advice anyone can offer..

    BTW...This Q9550 and my old E8600 are both like 7-8 years old.. is it possiable that they are just to cooked to OC now?

    I dont want to buy new fesser and tubing for this project if I cant get it to OC..yup..I'm being cheap... My wife said I had to be..,.haha

    UPDATE: Was just reading here, and thought it note worthy to mention my PSU.. Its a Therimatake ( I think) 850 W 80+ single rail pushing 72 Amps.. And its also 7-8 years old.. This same PSU also was running my E8600 that just lost its ability to OC.. I do have a new PSU rated at 56Amps on a single rail that i could test with...but..My comp weighs 78Lbs and I hate moving it to my shop ...
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