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Thread: GPU lockups with G1 Sniper 3 and GTX 670

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    Default GPU lockups with G1 Sniper 3 and GTX 670

    Hi there, I've been having stability issues with my system for some time now, wonder if anybody else has seen something similar.

    I'm running this setup:
    G1 Sniper 3 motherboard, currently F6
    Intel Core i7-3770K
    Gigabyte GTX 670 GPU
    2x8GB G.Skill Ripjaws F3-12800CL10D

    Since I swapped from a GTX 470 to a GTX 670 this has been happening.
    Seemingly at random whenever the GPU is in use (usually gaming) the system will start to lock up. Every 10 seconds or everything freezes for a moment then comes back. Eventually it will lock up permanently and need a hard reboot.
    There's nothing really consistent about it. It could be after a few minutes or a few hours or work perfect all day. I've tried two completely different 670 models with the same result - I actually returned the first thinking it was the problem. If I switch back to the 470 it's rock solid.

    This thread sounds sort of similar although my issues only crop up when I am gaming or maybe using Office 2013 (which is GPU accelerated) and not at other times. And I'm only seeing lock ups, no boot loops or bsods. I've tried the various tweaks and changes mentioned with no result.

    Right now I'm running the F6 BIOS on the mb, as it seemed the most stable. A few of the recent F8 betas (up to F8J) seem to be pretty much the same. A while back when I was working on fixing it, F7 was the latest I think, and that was significantly worse, crashing much faster.

    Could it just be some incompatibility between MB and GPU chipset? That really doesn't sound likely but I'm out of ideas at this point.
    Hopefully that's enough info to go on and someone has some thoughts. Thanks for anyone's help.

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    Default Re: GPU lockups with G1 Sniper 3 and GTX 670

    Well i would say.. Problem between GPU's BIOS and UEFI... known issue.. Nvidia has confirmed it.... but most of time it appears as boot loop.. or long boot..
    try to update the 670GTX bios...
    Try your GPU in another PC.. maybe the GPU is bad..

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