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Thread: Haswell Is Coming,Who's Upgrading?

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    Default Re: GIGABYTE Latest Beta BIOS

    Quote Originally Posted by Vinster View Post
    ^ Can you provide a little proof to the allegations? reading I'm doing is it's about the same as Ivy.

    worse... see the man above(page 10)

    Wait for normal reviews with retail's versions. ES samples are mostly great for OC and most reviews are made from ES samples..

    Quote Originally Posted by boondocks View Post
    I'm too paranoid to place the block directly on die. When/If I delid I probably do as before and replace the IHS with some CooLaboratory Liquid Pro.
    Care! According to my INFO, Haswell has electrically conductive parts under IHS(difference unlike IB) ! I guess CLP includes metal parts ! Use normal paste like MX-4.

    Quote Originally Posted by Acebmxer View Post
    Haswell runs hot. My 4670k at 4.5ghz @ 1.375v is around 98c. This is with out removing the lid. Maybe after I delid maybe I can lower voltage but 1.375v for 4.5ghz sucks imho. I'll have to check others or I am missing something in my bios settings. They did change a few things with Haswell, they brought back uncore. Not sure witch voltage to adjust for uncore but with all voltage set to auto except vcore this cpu needs uncore to be set to cpu multi or +1. So at 4.5ghz 45x multi uncore is 45 or 46x. Anything lower or higher system will post but not boot, when it should show windows booting I lose connection to the monitor.
    I told you... piece of scrap..
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    Default Re: Haswell Is Coming,Who's Upgrading?

    it is true es samples were cherry picked cpu's compared to retail

    ive seen a few golden haswell retail chips also so they are out there,just need to strike it lucky

    liquid pro is fine aslong as you don't get any on the resistors next to the die,regular paste won't improve temps over what intel use originally

    another issue im seeing is that the surface mounted transistors on the underside of the cpu and under the ihs can come off very easily while delidding
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    Default Re: Haswell Is Coming,Who's Upgrading?

    well I am so far behind with sandy bridge and am unable to upgrade my so ancient Z77 motherboard

    christ, I am sick of these new bloody chipsets, is Intel climbing in bed with the motherboard manufacturers ? Its not a case of upgrading your CPU anymore, its CPU and motherboard

    and I just have this Z77 purring along with a nice o/c

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    Default Re: Haswell Is Coming,Who's Upgrading?

    GTL 2.0 on line.
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    Default Re: Haswell Is Coming,Who's Upgrading?

    UPDATE :
    4670K mostly has better OC capabilities.

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    Default Re: Haswell Is Coming,Who's Upgrading?

    Quote Originally Posted by stasio View Post
    GTL 2.0 on line.
    Awesome thanks Stasio
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    Default Re: Haswell Is Coming,Who's Upgrading?

    I will most likely upgrade to a I7 4770k and Gigabyte ga z87x ud5 or ud4
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