I'm running a hackintosh with an up5 TH. Everything works fine, but i have a Thunderbolt issue.

When i have only connected the thunderbolt to firewire adapter from apple to the thunderbolt port of the Mobo and i do a start up from scratch, means the machine wasnt on before and no power connected at all, i every time get a freeze. I have no device connected, only the adapter.

When i get into the os, there is AE, means booting into legacy os, everything ok, then i choose mac osx, the debug jumps to A0. So everythings good, but then it changes for just a short moment to 01 and then rests in 6C which finally gives me everytime a freeze. When i then do a restart with the restart button on the tower, everything works fine, and i stay in A0 when i boot into the os.

I get the issue only when the thunderbolt adapter is connected.

What do you guess, a Problem of the Motherboard, the thunderbolt adapter or bios setting.

I already tried bios 12e and 13a.

Thanks for help