Hi, I've looked extensively for an answer to this without success, and only get stock answers when I have tried vendor technical support.

I have a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P (R2.1) motherboard with latest F6 BIOS, a Q6600 processor & 8GB or RAM, and am running Windows 7 Professional x64.

The System had a GV-NX88T512HP (GeForce 8800GT) display card that was becoming rather noisy.

In around November last year, Microsoft rolled out an "Important" update, which was therefore installed without a second thought - this update had the effect of rendering Windows unbootable (would freeze just after the logo, and because my drive at the time was almost full, I was unable to roll-back).

I started a new build, and whenever I installed anything later than the Nvidia R295 driver (e.g. any 3xx.xx Nvidia driver) windows would freeze on boot (but I could get into Safe mode).

I figured this may be some display card issue, so purchased myself a Sapphire HD7850 - the driver installation for this card failed during install (system just froze), and although I did somehow manage to eventually install the drivers, Windows again froze during the boot process (every time).

I eventually gave up and built myself a newer system, but am still trying to get the old one working (it is still a reasonably zippy PC) - I can get it working using the R295 driver, but have purchased a new display card to get around the fan noise problem of the old one.

The new card is a Gigabyte 1G GT610 Silent (GV-N610SL-1G), but it requires a driver version 3xx.xx or later (an R300 or later Nvidia driver), but my motherboard (I am almost certain that this relates to my motherboard as there is nothing else that makes sense) and Windows 7 don't work with any of the latest graphics drivers.

I have tried putting the card into the second slot - no difference. I have also tried removing some of the RAM - again no difference. The system is running with the latest drivers for everything else, and is using a fresh install of W7 (with latest SP and updates).

The card works without a driver, but I don't see this as a stable solution.

The graphics cards have worked in other systems, so I don't believe that there is a hardware problem with the cards, and the system works with the older driver and noisy card - so again no problem there.

Has anyone seen this problem before, and does anyone know how I can move forward?

Thanks ... and sorry for the long post.