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Thread: X58 ssd question

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    Quote Originally Posted by wazza300 View Post
    done it yet?
    Waaaay to busy in the garden and on such a lovely day.

    And I've got to get ready for Arma3 coop tonight, great tactical sim
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    Default Re: X58 ssd question

    changing the registry for the AHCI hack isn't going to cause you any issue, it's just a flag for windows when it starts to look for upgrades drivers when it doesn't find them installed already...

    I had a system that I changed and it took me a few days to figure it out... all I did is restore the bios back to IDE and the system re-booted just fine...

    Just a note, make sure you install the latest drivers for the chipset and the marvel controller because this trick only works if the driver is available in the system... if the drivers are not present (which happens on just a Windows install... it copies only the required drivers) you will get an 0x000000A7 (I think) BSOD...

    if that happens go in the bios and change it back to IDE, reboot and install different drivers...

    another possibility is to change the Registry, then the bios and pop in your Win7 install disk and perform a repair, have the drivers handy on a USB stick and then load in the storage drivers manually... that'll work too...

    I've done it both ways and both worked fine, but just making sure you have the full driver pack installed before hand saved you a lot of trouble.

    and SATA3 drives on the ICH10R controller in a RAID0 isn't that big of a bottleneck... yes you are not getting the 500mb/s per drive... but with 2-3 drives you can get 750mb/s+ on that controller....

    It's the best on board controller out there that is only matched by $300+ dedicated RAID cards and they'll peak at 1GB/s as that is the top end that the PCIe lane can manage...

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