hello, my name is JB and i'm from holland.

After my P67-UD7's Sata-600 port died. I got a Sniper 3 bord back in return.
With my old UD7, witch had an realtek audio chip, i could send 6channel sound over the S/PDIF to my Amplifier.
Thus far i haven't managed to get it to work with my new motherboard.

Now, first problem. How do i find and download the proper drivers. Yes there was a CD with the motheboard that contained a one year old driver,
but the thing is because it's onboard i can't select it on the Creative website. The chip on the Motherboard is an CA0132. Supposedly the same as an 3DRecon soundcard. But then again ''windows update'' provide me with an newer driver version Lucky me, i thought. Didn't help with my issiue ider.

The thing i see on my amplifier is ''Prologic'' meaning Stereo simulation. Normally when DTS or AC3 is presented to my amplifier it lits up red in the display and saying that DDigital or DTS is Active. Now, i only get Prologic.

So far i though, with my limited knowledge; It can't be the Chip, becasue on the Creative website it sais that it's THX certified, meaning it should be able to output 5.1, atleast.

I knew from my old Motherboard you had to manually set the output signal you want in ider windows or the driver itself.
So, i looked under advanced settings, unfortunately there wasn't a 5.1 channal option, so i began to believe that it realy isn't possible with this motherboard.

But then, when i was messing around. I tried the test function, under the supported formats tab and hole cow!! Al of a sudden my reciever display lit up with big red letters, indicating the a DTS stream was played and there it was, sound over all the individual speakers. but i can't get it to work with a movie containing a 6 channel stream.

i contated Creative, no answer yet. and yes, i also have the software installed this. But same thing here, no matter what i try, settings wize, i can't get a 6 channel stream over my S/PDIF output, but the strange thing is windows can bypass it or something when i run that test.