Just wanted to ask a quick question about this error. Recently bought a pc from cyberpowerpc and received it a couple days ago. So far everything has checked out good and is working fine. Only thing I've noticed is this error when going into the sleep mode. From what I've found online so far this relates to a bug in the bios of this board and may be fixed with a bios update or it still may not be fixed even in newer bios. Is this going to potentially cause a problem down the road, does it really need addressing? It seems to give the error part of the time not every time it goes into sleep. I also understand I can avoid it but not letting the system go into S3 sleep if I understand correctly. Just wanted to ask to see if anyone else has had this, was able to fix it or is it something that can be ignored. I'd rather not go through a Bios flash if I can help it as all else seems to be working fine and I don't know if any bios settings were changed during the build that I wouldn't know to change back after the flash.