So i've researched this online and done all that I can. I updated my bios (to f14), updated the firmware for via 810 and updated to the latest intel usb 3.0 drivers. It seems no matter what I do, 32gb adata usb 3.0 drives will only work at usb 2.0. When I plug these drives into the front port I get this message. It works fine with other usb 3.0. Heck it even works fine with both of my 16gb adata usb 3.0 drives. I have tried 3 seperate 32gb adata drives (one from newegg, one from amazon, and one from a friend who got his a while ago) and they all show the EXACT same problems. I tried plugging in the front usb 3.0 into the mobo headers (all 3 of them, 1 is intel, 2 is via) and the same problem. At this point I have ruled out the drives. They work fine on 2 other laptops with usb 3.0. What do I do? This is starting to get annoying. They do work when plugged into the back ports, its just the front ports that are slow.