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Thread: GA B75M-D3H doesn't start when custom "Secure Boot" settings are used

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    Default GA B75M-D3H: F14 BIOS Feedback

    After a long time using F13G Beta BIOS, I was very happy when I found out a new BIOS had been released for GA B75M-D3H, and updated it recently...

    In this thread, I'll post some feedback, hoping to help Gigabyte to improve that BIOS even more...

    The first thing I did after having updated to F14 was replicating the old BIOS settings.
    That was done manually - and not through a saved settings file - in order to achieve a greater compatibility.
    After the setup was just like the one i had in previous BIOS, I restarted the machine and it didn't boot at all, so that I had to clear CMOS.

    After some minutes of testing, i could narrow it down to custom "Secure Boot" settings:

    When I try to install default keys OR use default provisioning (I think that's the name of the latter), I can't start the machine after saving settings and restart, and must then clear CMOS....

    In F13g (beta BIOS), this problem didn't happen....

    Isn't it supposed to work in this version?

    Also, I hadn't tried to alter OS Type from "Windows 8" to "Windows 8 WHQL", cause in F13G, "Windows 8 WHQL" made the board unbootable, so that the fix was clearing CMOS (!)...

    I'll post about other things as I find them....

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    Default Re: GA B75M-D3H doesn't start when custom "Secure Boot" settings are used

    I've noticed that problem as well....

    Also, USB 3.0 support seems not to be working (or maybe it's my device), as Windows says "Device can perform faster when connected to USB 3.0".

    That wasn't happening with previous BIOS (Beta).Another thing I notice was the fact that BIOS looks like a Beta BIOS, as some information about the board model aren't available...
    Secure Boot is enabled im my system, but it's told as "Unsupported" by System Info...

    GA B75M-D3H doesn't start when custom "Secure Boot" settings are used-capture-png

    I'll review my settings and let y'all know about these issues (mainly the one related to the lack of USB 3.0 support)

    Best regards

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